JTI S24S-R Rescue Drone

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The JTI S24S-R rescue drone is comprehensive. It can complete flight tasks such as item transportation, life-saving equipment delivery, long-distance communication, atmospheric environment monitoring, etc.

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Overview Of The Dropper

It is used to deliver materials in chaotic scenes and carry fire-fighting materials through the fire area, which is not conducive to the transportation area of ​​vehicles and ships and requires efficient and fast transportation. Solved the situation that the materials are damaged when the general drone is hovering to deliver materials.


Overview of Atmospheric Environment Monitoring

● High-precision GPS module to record the current latitude and longitude position

● Long-distance digital radio, a 3-5km transmission range, can be upgraded to 3G/4G network transmission.

● It can be equipped with 12 monitoring probes, including PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10, temperature, humidity, formaldehyde, VOC harmful gases, and other atmospheric pollutant monitoring.

Product Introduction

● Overall length of the body: 2340mm

● Body width: 2340mm

● Body height: 530mm

● Maximum take-off weight: 28kg

● Maximum mission load: 13kg

● Maximum battery life: 55min

● Maximum flight altitude: 300m

● Wind resistance level: Level 5

● Hover accuracy:
-- Horizontal ± 1m
-- Vertical ± 0.5m


● Product size: 210mm*180mm*192mm

● Product weight: 500g

● Working voltage: 12-25V

● Megaphone power: 20W/12V

● Communication distance: 5km

● Working altitude: 50-100m (when the altitude is 50m, the volume is about 80 decibels)

● Maximum volume: 110 dB

● Operating temperature: -20°C - 55°C

● Ambient humidity: 85%

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