JTI S32P High-altitude Wrecker Spitfire Drone

Short Description:

Equipped with a high-performance and high-quality micro-diaphragm oil pump, the part of the pump adopts a diaphragm structure, and all other parts in contact with the liquid are plastic except the valve spring, which eliminates the possibility of sparks in the pump. The motor part adopts a closed structure and is isolated from the outside air to prevent the danger caused by motor sparks. The high-performance motor has a large flow of 6 liters per minute, which improves the fire-breathing distance, and the maximum fire-breathing distance can reach 6 meters.

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It has changed the time-consuming and labor-intensive obstacle-removal method by relying on manpower, realizing work at high altitude, solving the trouble of power failure, saving the cost of obstacle-removal operation, reducing the intensity and difficulty of the action, and improving work efficiency.


Product Introduction

● Overall length of the body: 2280mm

● Body width: 1850mm

● Body height: 460mm

● Maximum take-off weight: 40kg

● Maximum mission load: 16kg

● Maximum battery life: 30min

● Maximum flight altitude: 100m

● Wind resistance level: Level 7

Technical Parameter

● Product size: 116mm*27mm*18mm

● Rated voltage: DC 24V

● Rated power: 75W

● Maximum flow: 6L

● Spray width: 3-6m

● Injection oil: #90 and above gasoline

● Operating environment: -30°C - 40°C

● Maximum capacity: 1L

● Ignition form: High voltage pulse ignition

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