China International Machinery Exhibition

On October 30, 2019, China International Machinery Exhibition was held in Qingdao, Shandong Province. This exhibition focused on large-scale agricultural machinery, mainly smart agriculture, and fully demonstrated the international influence of Chinese agricultural machinery. China plays the role of manufacturing power in the international community.
JTI brings intelligent farmland equipment and agricultural solutions to solve the problems of the insufficient agricultural labor force and rough production management problems.


The integration of agricultural machinery and agricultural art, mechanized information and technology, the adaptation of agricultural service models to agricultural moderate-scale operations, and the adaptation of mechanized production to farmland construction has become the new development needs of current agriculture. How to strengthen the support of modern agricultural science and technology and material equipment, improve the yield and quality through the application of technological equipment, and promote the dual integration and dual adaptation of the development of agricultural science and technology equipment with a smart agricultural system are issues that JTI Technology has been exploring.


Relying on the advantages of the all-around layout of agricultural intelligent software and hardware over the years, JTI has built a mature digital agricultural management platform and gradually formed a smart agricultural solution of "comprehensive perception → intelligent decision-making → precise execution." Using this solution, Jifei has taken an important step in exploring "two integration and two adaptations" super farmland this year. This is the first experimental project where JTI's agricultural solutions are applied to farmland. With the help of high-tech means such as artificial intelligence, 5,000 acres of high-standard farmland are managed. This solution completes intelligent surveying and mapping in the super farmland, early warning and control of diseases, insects, and weeds, automatic sowing, irrigation, and bumper harvest, and realizes intelligent, refined, and efficient operation of cultivation management and harvesting.


At this Qingdao Agricultural Machinery Exhibition, JTI displayed products from four product lines, including the JTIM60Q-8 agricultural drone, JTI M32S agricultural drone, and JTI supersonic bird repelling drone, and JTI agricultural Internet of Things. And the JTI Agricultural Systems program.


Currently, JTI agricultural solutions are also applied to rice. With large and medium-sized farms in several world regions, JTI's agricultural practice has entered its third year. Farms protect and manage various farmlands by deploying JTI drones and JTI agricultural Internet of Things equipment. Based on the information in the perception stage and the crop model established by artificial intelligence, the JTI agricultural system gives agricultural advice on the timing of planting and planting, plant protection management, etc., to help guide the output of medium and large farms to achieve new growth.


JTI believes that technology can bring more changes and create greater value in rural areas worldwide and is a key force in reshaping agriculture and food security. Through continuous exploration of smart agricultural solutions, JTI continuously optimizes and transforms all aspects of agricultural production, greatly improves agricultural production efficiency and benefits, reducing the labor intensity of farmers, gradually liberating farmers from heavy manual labor, and improving rural areas' industries. Structure, promote agricultural development into a new stage of smart agricultural production with less or no humanization and help global agriculture.

Post time: May-10-2022