JTI agricultural drones unveiled at the 22nd China Year International Agricultural Chemicals and Plant Protection Exhibition

Location: Shanghai New International Expo Center

On June 22, JTI was unveiled at the Shanghai New International Expo Center in 2021. As one of China's intelligent drone manufacturers, the M-series plant protection drone has become a star in agricultural aircraft products and has received attention from exhibitors at home and abroad.


At the W5G01 exhibition in Shanghai New International Exhibition Center, JTI Technology statically displayed efficient and intelligent farmland management products such as the M60Q-8 plant protection drone, M44M plant protection drone, and M32S plant protection drone, and JTI agricultural application system.

The M series plant protection drones have independent route planning, manual operation, and semi-automatic operation modes, which can meet the needs of most terrain operations and support one control and multiple aircraft. The M series high-end products are equipped with the second-generation high-precision radar, which can automatically avoid obstacles, and ensure flight safety.


During the exhibition, JTI Technology also attracted foreign agricultural machinery business agencies from Germany, Italy, the United States, Thailand, and other countries to discuss cooperation.

As one of China's intelligent drone manufacturers, JTI has been committed to providing world-class technical products with technology and innovation to users in China and around the world, redefining the connotation of "Made in China." And in the field of agriculture. JTI also firmly adheres to this belief.


The total area of the world's existing arable land is about 1.5 billion square hectares, accounting for about 10% of the world's total surface area of 13.4 billion square hectares and about 36% of the world's total arable land area 4.2 billion square hectares. Cultivation issues and farmland plant protection issues, step by step, continue to meet the food needs of the people of the world and make Chinese agriculture gradually move towards mechanization, modernization, and semi-automation.


As early as 2016, JTI started researching plant protection and flight control and gathered talents in China to study plant protection and flight control. It is a pioneer in domestic research on plant protection and flight control. Let the plant protection drone industry officially enter the era of semi-automatic operations.

In the past ten years, JTI has been taking technology and quality as the core of its products and has continuously improved the hard power through stable and continuous R&D investment.


With the precipitation and expansion of time, JTI plant protection drones have been widely recognized by users at home and abroad with ultra-high efficiency, stable quality, and excellent terrain adaptability.

Post time: May-10-2022