What kind of radar do agricultural drones need?

Agricultural uAVs will face complex environments or challenges in the process of operation. For example, there are often obstacles in farmland, such as trees, telephone poles, houses, and suddenly appearing animals and people. At the same time, because the flying height of agricultural UAVs is generally 2-3 meters above the ground, uav radar is easy to mistakenly identify the ground as obstacles.

This puts forward high requirements for agricultural UAV radar, which needs to have a strong resolution and sensitivity to detect obstacles in farmland.

There are usually two factors that affect obstacle identification: reflection cross-sectional area and reflectivity. The reflection cross-sectional area can be interpreted as: obstacles with larger surface areas are easier to be found; The reflectivity mainly depends on the material of the obstacle. Metal has the highest reflectivity, while plastic foam has a low reflectivity. Radar is not easy to effectively identify such obstacles.

A good radar in farmland, it needs to have a strong resolution, can accurately find obstacles in the complex terrain environment, this is determined by the radar antenna; In addition, it needs to be sensitive enough to detect even very small objects.

The new 4D imaging radar especially adds an antenna in the vertical direction, with the ability to sense obstacles in the vertical direction in the environment. The addition of the swing head also increases the radar identification range, which swings up and down during the working process, covering the range of the UAV’s flight direction from 45 degrees down to 90 degrees up. Combined with the downlook-imitation landmine radar, it provides all-round protection for the uav’s forward process and provides users with a safer flight experience.

True, based on the existing radar technology or other environmental factors, such as the current agricultural unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) radar are hard to avoid obstacles 100%, radar obstacle avoidance function is more as a kind of passive safety prevention and auxiliary mechanism, we are more willing to advocate users before planning routes to all kinds of obstacles in farmland planning, such as wire, wire, etc. Take the initiative to do a good job of safety avoidance, to provide a more comprehensive guarantee for the safe flight of UAV.

Post time: May-23-2022