JTI Flying Defense Smart Agriculture System

JTI Flying Defense Smart Agriculture System

Digitalized agricultural operations, intellectualized agricultural management

The JTI flight defense butler solution is based on intelligent agricultural equipment such as intelligent agricultural drones, surveying and mapping drones, fire-fighting drones, inspection drones, and IoT devices as the core, and takes the big data visualization platform as the top-level interaction to comprehensively monitor farm operations. Improve agricultural information management, use big data analysis to achieve precise operations, scientific early warning, digital support operations, and provide farmers, farms, and agricultural enterprises with scientific production management solutions to maximize farm productivity and profitability.


Data Makes Agriculture Smarter

The big data processing of JTI's flying defense butler makes agricultural operations, equipment management, control, and after-sales management data-based and precise, improving agricultural production capacity and profitability.


Improve the quality of job management

Remote monitoring and management of job quality

The operation data is transmitted to the cloud platform through the network, and the operation leader and farmland administrator can remotely see the operation data and monitor the quality of the operation.


Query History Jobs

Automatic data statistics, traceable data

All the generated data can be analyzed and processed by big data and can be traced and searched according to time, which can be used for agricultural management, government subsidies, and operation quality monitoring.


Improve after-sales management and reduce costs

Device remote management

The health status of equipment, log download, firmware upgrade, etc., can be managed remotely, and the management and control of remote locking and unlocking of leased aircraft.